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Deathloop’s new trailer makes it look like a cross between Hitman and Dishonored

The new trailer debuted during Sony’s PlayStation 5 Showcase

deathloop ps5 Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment
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During Sony’s PlayStation 5 Showcase on Wednesday, developer Arkane Studios gave fans their latest glimpse of its timelooping assassin game Deathloop.

While details on the game still remain a little vague, the trailer did offer us plenty of clues as to what’s going on. The game’s main character Colt seems to be an assassin stuck in a timeloop, for some reason. Every day he wakes up in a place called the Black Reef at a massive party where he’s convinced he needs to kill a few key people to break free of his timeloop. He says he has eight names on his kill list, but this trailer is mostly focused on a scientist named Egor.

In the trailer, Colt finds a way to stop Egor’s regularly scheduled loop behavior and get him and another target into the same room at the same time, giving Colt the chance to take both out at once. This could mean that players will have plenty of options in how they change the circumstances, or this could just be the normal setup for this mission. Once the shooting starts, Colt seems to have all kinds of reality-bending powers, including teleportation and telekinesis, which he can use to execute his targets. But the mission is more complicated than that.

Just like all the other Deathloop trailers, this one also involves another protagonist named Jules. Jules only has one mission in her various loops and it’s to kill Colt, and at the end of the trailer she succeeds, seemingly resetting Colt to the beginning of his loop and foiling his plan. In the actual game, Jules can be randomly controlled by other players who want to play the game in multiplayer. They’ll randomly invade the games of various Colt players in an attempt to ruin their plans and protect the timeloop.

Deathloop is scheduled for release sometime in the second quarter of 2021 and will available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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