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2020 League of Legends Worlds anthem pays tribute to champions past

The previous MVPs and champions help teach a new player how to win

Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

The 2020 League of Legends World Championship anthem has been released, alongside a music video that pays tribute to some of the best players in League history.

The song, “Take Over,” features vocals from A Day to Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon, former K-pop star Henry Lau, and singer Max. The music depicted a new player encountering Faker, the most well-known League of Legends player in the world, and studying under his tutelage. The new player then learns how to take down the previous champions, having to try multiple times against some of them before he learns how to beat them.

The Worlds theme song and associated music video typically features the star players of years past, set to a catchy tune that will play throughout the tournament. Unfortunately, despite his prominent spot in the music video, Faker did not qualify for this year’s League of Legends World Championship.

The League of Legends World Championship begins on Sept. 25 with the Play-In Stage.