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This Humble Bundle definitely lets you pet the dogs


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Blair Witch Project - the protagonist pets his good, good dog. Image: Bloober Team/Lionsgate Studios

Everyone knows that the best part of a video game is getting to observe, then pet, a dog. The Humble Bundle has a new selection, in partnership with the wonderful Twitter account Can You Pet the Dog?, which is run by Tristan Cooper. With these games, players can cut out the annoying selection of games that won’t permit you to pet the dog. It’s all guaranteed dog pets from here, and that’s great.

The lowest tier of $1 offers Scribblenauts Unlimited, Beyond Eyes, Dog Sled Saga, and Bulb Boy. Then, at $4.74, players can unlock Shenmue 1 and 2, Death’s Gambit, and Where the Water Tastes like Wine. Finally, $12 or more unlocks The Blair Witch Project, a 2019 horror game that stars a terrible guy and his very good dog named Bullet.

The deal is on for the next two weeks, until Oct. 1, and proceeds go to the animal charities The Humane Society of the United States, Sweet Farm, and Best Friends Animal Society.

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