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No Man’s Sky’s next big update is called Origins and it’s coming out next week

Developer Hello Games is teasing what could be a huge new patch

A screenshot of a space ship and freighter orbiting a planet in No Man’s Sky Image: Hello Games
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No Man’s Sky has had several small but important updates this year, and another one is on the way next week. This latest update will be called Origins, and according to developer Hello Games, it’s “the beginning of something new.”

While the developer revealed very little about this new update outside of its name and that it will be released next week, there are a few clues. For one thing, Hello Games briefly compares the Origins update to the game’s earlier Foundation and Beyond updates, which helped reshape the game and adds huge new features. There’s no way to know if Origins will really be that big, but it certainly seems important.

All of the art from No Man’s Sky’s many post-release updates
The art from No Man’s Sky’s various updates
Image: Hello Games

No matter what, Origins will come at the end of an important year for No Man’s Sky. Over the last several months, Hello Games has consistently brought new content to players in a steady stream of patches that helped keep the game interesting. These updates included Living Ships, Exo Mechs, and the recent Desolation update which let players explore long-lost space ships.

While these updates have been undeniably important for the game, Hello Games considers them smaller updates since they’re mostly about adding content rather than changing any of the game’s core systems. For now, we’ll have to wait until Hello Games reveals more about the Origins update next week to find out just how big the changes might be.

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