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Whoops, some folks got an Xbox One instead of a Series X pre-order

It’s an honest mistake

A render of the Xbox One X console Microsoft

Xbox Series X and S pre-orders opened on Tuesday morning, and while some folks struggled to complete their transactions, other fans might have found the process easy. Maybe too easy.

As noted by Andrew Alerts on Twitter, orders for the Xbox One X — that is, the current generation of Microsoft gaming hardware — have increased today. Now, some of these folks undoubtedly wanted exactly what they got; maybe they decided the hassle of spending hundreds of dollars on a next-gen console wasn’t worth it. But some others appear to have made a mistake.

On social media, some poor Xbox fans have started sharing stories of accidentally ordering the Xbox One, thinking that they had pre-ordered the Xbox Series X or S.

“I was half asleep and ordered a Xbox One X by mistake FUCK!!” one Tweet reads.

“I happily snagged my ‘Xbox’ at 8am from Best Buy...wondered why it said it would be ready on 9/30...only to realize I had selected an Xbox One S...not Series S,” another wrote.

How does something like this happen? Well, it doesn’t help that some retailers, like Amazon, were late in getting their pre-order pages up. For a while this morning, when I searched “Xbox Series X” on the Amazon store, it would spit back out the Xbox One, along with new bundles for the existing system. It remained this way for nearly an hour, which could have possibly steered folks down the wrong path. At a quick glance, both the Xbox One X and Series X are black boxes, after all.

One Twitter user even shared a screenshot of an Xbox fan on Facebook who tried to make fun of others who couldn’t snag or afford a Series X ... only to have appended an order for an Xbox One S. Now that’s some karma.

Then again, when even Microsoft itself mistakes one Xbox console over another, what hope does the average consumer have?

Likely, this problem doesn’t appear to have affected too many people, but chances are very good that some kid, somewhere, will be very disappointed by their well-meaning parents this holiday season. Our heart goes out to them in advance.

Let’s just hope that anyone who made this mistake notices it in time to cancel their order. Already, the confusion is causing some to double-check their receipts just in case.