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Super Mega Baseball 3’s next update delivers Online Leagues

Players who have just the free demo can still play in a league with friends

a black right-handed hitter standing in the batter’s box during a night game in Super Mega Baseball 3 Image: Metalhead Software
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Super Mega Baseball 3’s next update delivers online multiplayer leagues, whose members can play out their seasons cross-platform. Originally called “Custom Pennant Race,” Online Leagues will arrive Sept. 29.

Scott Drader, the co-founder of developing studio Metalhead Software, said that players with Super Mega Baseball 3’s free trial or demo versions can get involved in Online Leagues, too, and play against others who have the full game.

“Between the cross-platform invite codes and the fact new users can get started in Online Leagues with just the trial or demo version of the game, we’re stoked for the potential this mode has to massively grow the SMB community,” Drader said.

An Online League’s games can be set up and played casually, via matchmaking among members or who are online. Players can also coordinate their playing times and play games on a fixed schedule using a match-against-specific user feature.

The Super Mega Baseball 3 demo allows players to join a league created by a friend, provided that league is configured with default settings. A league with different settings requires all users to have the full version of the game.

Online Leagues on default settings, unlike SMB3’s Pennant Race mode, allow players to use all of the teams from the game’s standard roster, adjust the game’s “Ego” (a difficulty scale), plus other visual customizations.

Elsewhere in the update coming next Tuesday, players will get a “fully revamped” Watch Mode, for AI-versus-AI games. That provides new, user-controlled cameras for the viewing party.

Super Mega Baseball 3 launched in May on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. We found the latest entry in the unlicensed, indie sports series as outstanding as its two predecessors, led by a “smart, engrossing franchise mode,” which lets players import teams from Super Mega Baseball 2.

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