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Marvel’s Avengers’ latest patch fixes Captain America’s biggest issue

Plus some free Polychoron for players as a thank you

The cast of superheroes in Marvel’s Avengers includes Iron Man and Captain America Image: Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix
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With Marvel’s Avengers’ latest patch, Captain America is no longer a “puny Avenger,” and can use his considerable strength to break some doors.

Last week, Crystal Dynamics published the 1.3 patch, which fixed “over 1,000 bugs.” On Thursday, the studio published a follow up patch, 1.3.1, which included a few bug fixes, a reward for dealing with previous bugs, and a major quality of life upgrade for Captain Steve Rogers.

Marvel’s Avengers has a host of breakable doors, usually hiding objectives or rewards behind them. But, for some reason, Captain America couldn’t break them — despite being the world’s first super soldier.

A character being unable to open a specific door isn’t odd. There are two “gates” like this in Marvel’s Avengers. The breakable doors are only accessible for strong Heroes like Hulk, Thor, and Ms. Marvel. But there are also locked doors, which smart characters like Iron Man or Black Widow can hack via a nearby terminal. Poor Steve couldn’t do either.

This has been a major frustration for Captain America players over the past few weeks. Because ally non-player characters won’t hack or break doors for you, playing solo normally means missing out on breakable door rewards or hacking rewards. But if you’re a Cap player, it meant missing out on both kinds of rewards. While not necessary for progression, this made getting new gear for Captain America more difficult than other Heroes (at least while solo).

With 1.3, Crystal Dynamics gave Captain America the confidence (and physical ability) to break down these barriers.

Other notable fixes in the patch include tuning for ranged attacks — making them less annoying — and Spin moves, which now drain less ability energy. Crystal Dynamics is also offering people a ton of Polychoron and Uru — key late-game upgrade materials — for free if they log in before Oct. 1.

The patch is already live on some platforms, and will roll out for the rest throughout Thursday.

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