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After two decades inside a browser, RuneScape is heading to Steam this October

Old School RuneScape will follow in early 2021

A house in the fantasy world of RuneScape, at night, beside a pond. Jagex
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

RuneScape, the famous browser-based massively multiplayer game, has just turned 20. To celebrate, developers Jagex are now moving both versions of the game to Steam.

On Thursday, the developers posted the announcement on their official site. Originally, players were only able to play RuneScape via the game’s official website in a browser. Recently, Jagex have been making efforts to expand the game’s reach, including a mobile release. RuneScape will release on Steam on Oct. 14. The classic version of the game, Old School RuneScape, will release on Steam in early 2021.

While RuneScape is much less high-tech than a big budget MMOs, the game has picked up a loyal playerbase over 20 years and still has a thriving community. In June, developers reported the game had its highest ever number of daily active players. Jagex plans to use the Steam community hub for further feedback, development, and community support. Players will be able to purchase “membership packages” for their account, with cosmetic goods.

RuneScape continues to remain relevant in unlikely ways. In May, Polygon reported on Venezuelan players who were using Old School RuneScape in order to make a livingin the real world. The franchise was also party to an unusual legal tussle when, in January, a federal court ruled that getting muted in RuneScape did not violate a player’s civil rights.