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Not even Fall Guys’ devs can agree on the anatomy of the titular beans

I can’t stop screaming at these diagrams

A swarm of Fall Guys try to make their way across lit up platforms Image: Mediatonic/Devolver Digital

Fall Guys has been a smash success, and absolutely everyone loves the silly beans and the way they swarm across ridiculous stages in pursuit of a goal. There’s just enough in each level, like cotton candy landscapes and giant, silly billboards, to ignite fans’ imagination about the world. And they want answers to the difficult questions. Specifically, how do these Fall Guys live, and what, exactly, do they look like?

Well, it turns out that not even the developers at Mediatronic are sure, especially in light of several recent tweets.

Senior concept artist Tudor Morris provided a sketch on Twitter, which suggests that every single Fall Guy is stuffed with a giant, spooky skeleton. I don’t like this very much! Morris wrote the following explanation on his Instagram, which may either soothe or further unsettle players.

You have have options for how you interpret this, but I refuse to comment to elaborate:

1) This was a lunchtime sketch that has no meaning and was done as a joke

2) This is a canonical representation of what’s inside a fall guy, we knew from the start that they weren’t as marketable like this so we gave them nice little cuddly suits.

The important thing to bear in mind is that, whatever the interpretation you take away, they are very happy little beans.

Well! It’s good to know that these beans are happy, because it simply wouldn’t do if they were miserable while they chased eggs and jumped on brightly colored hexagons. Meanwhile, principal concept artist Ash Kerins has a much sunnier view on the anatomy of each little bean, which also showed up on Twitter.

The developers aren’t the only one who have speculated about the origin and creation of the Fall Guys. Fan artists online are also up to the task, coming up with many ways that these beans are assembled and prepared for a life of eternal platforming combat. What if they’re not born... but created?

Another Tweet suggests that the Fall Guys could be like towering mechas, ready for combat.

Even the game’s publisher, Devolver Digital, got in on the wild speculation train by quote-tweeting a piece of art back in August. Devolver quote tweeted a gif of the Fall Guys being ground into the goo that shows up on maps like Slime Climb.

“This is canon,” they wrote, with an air of finality that they have not earned. “Please respect our decision.”

We may never know the truth behind these mysterious beans or why they’re so hungry for crowns. Even Mediatronic and Devolver seem to disagree with several key points of this game’s mythos. Perhaps the upcoming season 2 will answer some questions, but it might just increase the mystery.

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