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Bethesda throws Fallout 76 builders a bone with a new CAMP change

Players will get to go underground and make a new base

Fallout 76 - a player stands outside their home, posing with their hands in a heart shape. Image: Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Polygon
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Bethesda has continued to update Fallout 76 throughout the spring and summer, introducing new things like map-wide level scaling and the Brotherhood of Steel arriving in Appalachia. However, one big change is coming that will specifically delight players who like to build up their CAMP and put their own mark on the wasteland.

We have known that a feature called “instanced CAMPs” would be arriving with the Steel Dawn update in 2020, but we didn’t know what that meant. Bethesda clarified the feature in a blog post on Thursday. Players will be able to build CAMP shelter doors in their base. These doors will lead to underground bases, which players can decorate and customize.

Changes like this are a big improvement to the game, especially for players who like to build their own roleplay hubs. For instance, some players have set up secret cultist houses that are full of spooks for unprepared players.

This feature will go live on Fallout 76’s test servers next week, without any of the associated quest or world content, so players can test out this new building arena. The Steel Dawn update, which looks like it’s similar in scope to the Wastelanders expansion that launched earlier this year, is due for a release before the end of 2020.