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Animal Crossing amiibo cards are coming back

Collect ‘em all

Three amiibo cards for Animal Crossing. Image: Nintendo

The easiest way to get an Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager to move into your town is to have its amiibo card, except that for the longest time, finding these digital cards in the U.S. at a reasonable price was impossible. After all, most of the cards that were in circulation were released during the Animal Crossing: New Leaf period. Fortunately, Nintendo is bringing those older amiibo cards back.

Starting in November, Amiibo cards series 1-4 can be purchased at retailers for $5.99 per pack. The cards are random and come in packs of six. For reference, getting a single bootleg amiibo coin on places like Etsy can cost around $10, while older legit packs on eBay could go for two-to-four times the retail price. Many people opted to simply make their own fake amiibo cards, but the price of the raw materials went up due to high demand as well. So, assuming Nintendo prints enough cards this time, the amiibo card market should get considerably cheaper and more stable than before, especially now that the New Horizons fervor has died down a bit.

Series 1-4 includes a wide variety of characters, like Isabelle and Tom Nook, along with villagers, and even some characters who aren’t currently available in New Horizons. You can take a look at the full list here. Earlier this year, Nintendo printed another batch of amiibo cards for Japan.

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