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Crusader Kings 3 patch fixes witchcraft, just in time for Halloween

One of the longest sets of patch notes we’ve ever seen

A priest begins a mass among ebullient worshippers. He is swinging a sensor. Image: Paradox Interactive
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There’s a new set of patch notes out today for Crusader Kings 3, the extraordinary strategy role-playing game from Paradox Interactive. The 1.1 patch goes live on Tuesday, and with more than 15,000 words of explanation — roughly 34 single-spaced pages — it’s a doozy. There are literally hundreds of fixes large and small on the way, including a very timely update for anyone interested in witchcraft.

When Crusader Kings 3 launched on Sept. 1, players were delighted that their characters could indulge in witchcraft. More importantly, players could even grow a coven of witches by converting other characters in close proximity. But a bug prevented players from holding a Grand Rite — a magical event that would preternaturally boost their skills, giving them super-human abilities. The only way to activate a Grand Rite, in fact, was to use the game’s debug mode, effectively cheating. It’s finally fixed in Tuesday’s patch.

If you’re an avid Crusader Kings 3 player, there’s a lot to digest. Perhaps the biggest change is in how the game’s artificial intelligence will behave during combat. Going to war isn’t a huge focus of the game, certainly not compared to a game like Europa Universalis 4. Nonetheless, from the tone of these notes, it seems that Paradox realizes that its AI was a bit ... simple, shall we say. Here’s just a sample of what’s changing:

— Informed the AI of the existence of the player when it is trying to spread out to avoid attrition

— Informed the AI that if it has nothing else to do in a war, it might as well defend the wargoal


— Sternly told the AI that when it’s trying to support the player, it shouldn’t try to retreat just because the enemy is coming right at it (except if it hasn’t yet arrived at the player’s location)

— Taught the AI how to count. It will now when deciding whether to raise its troops consider all its troops, not just its levies. So it won’t refrain from raising its troops just because its levies alone would be pointless to raise


— Told the AI it might as well support the player if there’s no enemies around as long as there’s enemies *somewhere*, rather than running off on its own to go siege something

— Told the AI that considering the threat of enemies when you’re at sea makes some sense even if they can’t get to you while you remain at sea

— Told the AI that counting the player’s enemies twice if they’re movement locked and trying to decide if the player needs help or not might lead to some silly decisions

— Told the AI that hunting down enemy armies in enemy territory is a good idea if it is safe to do so, even if it is currently in a defensive mode

— Told the AI that it is a good idea to raise more troops when it already has troops raised

— Told the AI that it might actually be a good idea to try to avoid running into enemy units while raiding

For the complete patch notes, be sure to head to the game’s official forums.

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