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Microsoft Flight Simulator: 1 million pilots so far, flying 1 billion miles

The biggest Xbox Game Pass for PC launch ever

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a twin-engine airplane sailing over the snowy Alps in Microsoft Flight Simulator Image: Asobo Studio/Xbox Game Studios

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the biggest launch in the franchise’s 38-year history, and the biggest launch ever for its Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription program, Microsoft said Thursday.

The raw numbers: more than 1 million unique players have piloted 26 million flights so far, flying for more than 1.18 billion miles. (You can see more details in Microsoft’s infographic below.) A billion miles is also five round trips to the sun from Earth, which should get you a free business-class upgrade on your next flight.

Microsoft Flight Simulator launched worldwide on Aug. 18, and was available to Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers the same day. Xbox Game Pass for PC, technically still in beta, launched in the summer of 2019. Its library of PC titles (currently 206) is also available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers.

Microsoft and developer Asobo Studio have promised that updates to both Microsoft Flight Simulator’s world and simulation are coming soon, as well as “future themed DLC.” In addition, the game itself is coming to Xbox One at some point. Later this month, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will add Project xCloud support, without increasing the subscription’s monthly price of $14.99.

If you’re planning to join the million pilots in the sky, check out our Microsoft Flight Simulator guide.

a Microsoft Flight Simulator infographic titled “one million pilots and counting” Image: Microsoft Flight Simulator/Twitter

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