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Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s new Titan subclass revealed

Smash, but with some nuance

Titan Behemoth subclass attack Image: Bungie

On Tuesday, Bungie issued a news release to preview the three new Stasis classes coming to Destiny 2 in Beyond Light — one each for the Hunter, Titan, and the Warlock. The series of blog posts started with new details on the Warlock Shadebinder, but Bungie just previewed the best-named new subclass of the three: the Titan’s Behemoth.

Both news releases also give us a better look at how the new subclass tree works, as Stasis uses its own unique form of customization.

The Titan’s new super and subclass

Titan Behemoth text breakdown Image: Bungie

According to Bungie, the new Super is all about manipulating the environment by creating crystals in the ground. Players can then use these crystals to hide from enemy fire, and help keep their allies alive. Or they can smash the crystals for different effects.

The Titan’s new Super is Glacial Quake. This ability covers the Titan in Stasis crystals, which increases their defense and also grants them an icy fist to smash stuff with. The primary attack is Shiver Strike, which sends out multiple shock waves of ice, freezing enemies in place and creating crystals in the ground for cover. Titans also get unlimited melee energy while their Super is on, allowing them to smash through the enemies they encase in ice.

Titans also have a new melee override called Ground Control. Here, the Titan leaps forward — propelled Frozen 2-sytle by a crystal from beneath them — and into an enemy, smashing them with their icy fist and sending them flying. It also freezes all nearby enemies.


Titan Stasis skill tree Image: Bungie

Like in Bungie’s news release on Tuesday, we got a good look at how customization works in Beyond Light. Here’s a quick recap from that post if you missed it:

Players can slot up to two Aspects into their new Stasis tree. These Aspects offer unique effects that augment various aspects of the subclass. For example, one Aspect causes the Warlock Rift to freeze nearby enemies on activation.

But Aspects also have anywhere from one to three slots inside of them. Players can slide Fragments into the Aspect slots, like gems going into a gem socket. Fragments are slightly less powerful Aspects, and add passives like granting Super energy on kills. Fragments can also change player’s stats.

Bungie still didn’t reveal how players will earn these new customization items. But they did show off a few new ones for the Titan.


On the customization tree, we see the Titan’s usual barricade, a few grenade options — including one that lets you create a pillar of ice in the ground — the jump options, and the Ground Control melee ability. But, Bungie also previewed one new Aspect and one new Fragment.


Titan Stasis Tectonic Harvest Aspect Image: Bungie

Tectonic Harvest: Shattering a Stasis crystal creates a Stasis shard. This shard grants melee energy when picked up by you or your allies.


Titan Stasis Whisper of Durance fragment Image: Bungie

Whisper of Durance: Slow from your abilities lasts longer. For those abilities that linger, their duration will increase.

We’ll update this story if Bungie shares any more Aspects or Fragments before launch.

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