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Riot has disabled Omen in Valorant thanks to a teleportation bug

Nothing can contain Omen, not even actual walls

Omen from Valorant Image: Riot Games via Polygon
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Omen Valorant’s shadowy, hooded, teleporting Agent — has been disabled by Riot. Riot’s decision comes after players discovered a bug with the character in the game’s latest patch, and the problem proved too big for Riot to fix with just a small tweak.

This new bug first cropped up shortly after Valorant’s latest patch on Tuesday. Players noticed that Omen could now teleport outside of the barriers that are up at the beginning of rounds on the map Bind. This meant he could get into neutral areas far faster than the enemy team should expect him, letting him pick up cheap kills thanks to an exploit that was never supposed to be possible.

In response, Riot quickly put together a solution it hoped would fix the problem. But, it turned out to be a little more complicated than the developer was expecting. According to Riot, it originally seemed like a map problem, but it was actually a larger problem with Omen himself. For now, Riot has disabled Omen in the Valorant character select menu until it can figure out exactly what the issue is and how to fix it.

While there isn’t a definite release date for the next Omen-fixing patch, Riot has been vocal on Twitter about when it hopes to have a solution. On Wednesday, Sept. 2, the developer tweeted from the Valorant account that it hoped to have a solution by Thursday, Sept. 3, but at the time of writing, Omen hasn’t been fixed quite yet.

This story will be updated when Omen has been re-enabled or when Riot shares its next update.

Update: In its latest tweet the Valorant Twitter account Riot let players know that it has a fix for Omen. According to the post, the character should be fixed and re-enabled by 11 p.m. PT on Thursday.

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