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Into the Breach is now free on the Epic Games Store

Time-traveling mechs fight alien bugs

Into the Breach - laser attack Image: Subset Games
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Into the Breach is available on the Epic Games Store for the very good price of free, in a promotion that will last until the morning of Sept. 10. The game is usually available for $15.

Developed by Subset Games, Into the Breach is a small scale strategy game where players take control of three mechs in an attempt to save the world from an alien race known as the Vek. The player progresses through a run, tackling the Vek on small-scale battlefields to defend energy generators or protect civilians.

The heroes have one trick up their sleeve — the ability to reset the timeline and start fresh, keeping the experience they earned from previous runs and learning more about the Vek and their tactics.

Into the Breach was one of Polygon’s games of the year for 2018, ranking in at #7. A single session can be completed in around half an hour, while more dedicated players can push further and try to challenge themselves with longer runs. The time travel feature, along with collectible unlocks of new mechs and pilots, mean that someone can spend quite some time with Into the Breach without getting bored. For those who have yet to try it, this game’s definitely a title worth picking up for nothing.