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No Man’s Sky rare dino goes extinct on capital planet

The mighty Diplo is gone

A Diplo in No Man’s Sky. Image: No Man’s Sky Wiki/Hello Games

See this dinosaur-looking thing? That, my friend, is what No Man’s Sky players call a Diplo. It is one of the rarest type of creatures you can find in the game, with a reported encounter chance of only 0.25% on any given planet.

Some people visit hundreds of planets and never see a Diplo. Others go on Diplo-specific hunts across the galaxy, in the hopes of spotting the long-necked mega fauna. There is a player-run repository collecting known sightings as well, which gives players the glyphs necessary to visit Diplo planets. The Diplo is popular enough that, over time, it became the de facto emblem of the player-run Galactic Hub community, a group of explorers who colonize planets and build elaborate cities. Even Hello Games, the developer of No Man’s Sky, added a player emblem for the Galactic Hub that showcases the Diplo.

The Diplo is important enough to the Galactic Hub that the group sometimes picks capital planets specifically because, among other things, the location features their Diplo mascot. Such was the case for New Lennon, a tropical Diplo planet with “perfect weather” and “clear blue water” that became the Hub’s third bustling capital location.

“This is the Galactic Hub community’s primary colony, with this planet likely hosting more individual base sites than any other planet in the universe,” reads the No Man’s Sky wiki.

The Diplo, in other words, is a key feature of New Lennon — or it used to be, anyway. The gentle creature has been now eradicated from the lush world following No Man’s Sky’s big Origins update, which changed the entire in-game universe in ways big and small.

Changes happen every time Hello Games updates the game, of course. Sometimes bases get erased or moved, or planets will have their weather change completely, a reality that often leaves some players displaced and looking for new home worlds. For New Lennon, some of the tweaks included changes to the grass, which went from a nice lush green to a more bioluminescent red. But more notably, if you check the planet’s stats, the Diplo now appears under the “extinct” column, according to Andy Krycek, one of New Lennon’s founders.

The Galactic Hub is therefore now looking for a new capital planet, which must of course house the Diplo. Actually, the requirements for finding a new home base seem high. The Hub hopes to find a planet that also contains an extremely rare beetle, no storms, and varied biomes.

The search for a new capital doesn’t mean the entire player group is moving, however — the Galactic Hub has many planets under its banner.

“To put it in real-world terms, it’s like if America said, ‘The USA is still going to be in North America, but we’re picking a capital besides Washington DC,’” wrote the founder for the Galactic Hub, 7101334, on Reddit (he is also known to players as Galactic Geo). Right now, Galactic Hub members are exploring the galaxy for good candidates and submitting their planetary finds to the group, who will eventually vote on the new location.

Hello Games via Hub founder Galactic Geo

Once that new planet is found, Krycek says he expects New Lennon to become “a legacy site” that will likely retain some of its population but that may largely be abandoned. It may in some ways be treated like a museum—that is, a place you can visit and learn about its elaborate backstory, even if not much else is happening there anymore.

The good news is that, according to early player reports, No Man’s Sky might have expanded the types of Diplos that can appear in the game. So our fair old dino might be gone on New Lennon, but his sacrifice will lead to a wider range of Diplo discoveries for players to enjoy.

As for finding the new capital planet? “Not too sure how long this will take but [it’s] all part of the changing universe,” Krycek mused.

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