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Nintendo’s Jump Rope Challenge will stay on the eShop

Free game gives you some indoor cardio

TWO rabbits jumping rope Image: Nintendo

After a summer of 2.5 billion jumps, Nintendo has reconsidered its decision to pull Jump Rope Challenge from the eShop. The free game is sticking around past today.

Intended as a timed release, Nintendo had planned to pull the game after Sept. 30 (today). Jump Rope Challenge was offered beginning in mid-June as a way to help folks shut in by the coronavirus pandemic get some exercise and have fun doing it.

Jump Rope Challenge relies on the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers, one in each hand, to simulate skipping rope as the game keeps count on-screen. Moving one’s arms and bending the knees slightly is all it takes to register a jump, for those who have mobility limitations (or simply don’t want to disturb their downstairs neighbors).

Two players can skip rope together, holding one Joy-Con each. Double Dutch compatibility is not included, however, and any rhymes must be coordinated by players offline.

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