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League of Legends’ fictional pop group K/DA is working on a song with fictional influencer Seraphine

The company officially acknowledges the ‘virtual influencer’ is a Riot creation

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League of Legends pop group K/DA posing with virtual influencer Seraphine Image: Riot Games

On Friday, K/DA, League of Legends’ fictional in-universe K-Pop style music group announced that it’s working on a collaboration with Seraphine, a fictional “digital influencer” that appeared on Social media a few months ago.

As part of this announcement, Riot also released a statement officially confirming that Seraphine is associated with the League of Legends developer. While many fans have speculated that this was true ever since her social media accounts appeared a few months ago, it wasn’t until now that Riot made things official.

Seraphine appeared on social media in June and has seen been posting on Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud ever since. League of Legends fans quickly noticed that her art style seemed in line with other characters from the game, leading to their assumption that she had something to do with Riot. This theory gained some steam in August, when she posted a cover of the song POP/STAR by K/DA. Apparently, based on Thursday’s official announcements, it seems the group saw her video and discovered her, leading to this upcoming collaboration.

The collaboration itself is apparently bigger than just one song, too. According to Seraphine’s Twitter, she’ll be helping produce K/DA’s entire upcoming album as well as featuring on an individual track.

Seraphine herself is similar to a VTuber, or virtual YouTuber, a social media and online influencer who isn’t actually real. While Seraphine might not be technically real, there are plenty of real people behind the scenes collaborating with Riot to help produce the character — and her songs — online. According to Riot’s statement, Seraphine’s initial partners include Jasmine Clarke, Absofacto, and Kosuke Kasza.

Of course, Riot simply acknowledging that Seraphine is related to Riot doesn’t necessarily answer all of players’ questions about her. For instance, when she was first revealed many players assumed she was a tease for a new champion, or that she herself would become a character in League of Legends, but there’s still no evidence of that so far.

All of these new musical announcements happen to time up well with the 2020 League of Legends World Championships, which starts later this month. Since K/DA performed at the World Finals opening ceremony last time they released a song two years ago, it’s possible that K/DA and Seraphine could end up performing their collaboration track this time around, but for now we’ll have to wait for Riot to give us a little more musical news.

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