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Phasmophobia ghosts get better hearing, so please use your inside voices

Yelling at the ghosts is not a good idea

Phasmophobia - a ghost glares at the camera menacing. She is a dead woman, with mottled skin and angry eyes. The room around her is misty and cold looking. Image: Kinetic Games
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Phasmophobia ghosts are already pretty scary, but a new change to the game could make it a little more deadly. Developer Kinetic Games posted an update to its Twitter account Monday, writing: “Another small update is on the beta build with another new addition.”

That addition is that the ghost will now listen for player voices while hunting, and search the locations where players have been speaking.

Phasmophobia puts a team of players together inside a haunted house, school, or even a prison to investigate. The investigators use a set of tools, like an empty book and a pen or a thermometer, to determine what kind of ghost they’re dealing with. The game also reacts to player voices. One way to pull a shy specter out of hiding is to ask questions, like “How old are you?” Players can also shout the ghost’s name in an attempt to make them mad and pull them out of hiding.

Ghosts start out shy, but eventually they begin to chase down the investigators in an attempt to kill them. This beta server change makes it so that the ghost will hear loud investigators, and head toward that audio for some evil murdering. Volume does matter. In a follow-up tweet, Kinetic Games clarified that you can still communicate with your team ... carefully. “The voice update is based on how loud your mic is,” Kinetic said. “So you will be able to whisper during a hunt.”

This addition to the game is actually based on player feedback. Players thought that their volume would bait ghosts during the hunt phase, and acted accordingly. Turns out, that wasn’t true.

If this beta test goes well, Phasmophobia players can look forward to whispering during tense ghost chases and checking their mic volume ... or getting grabbed by a ghost and brutally murdered. Either strategy could work!

Phasmophobia also added a prison level in December, so players who checked the game out during its original burst of popularity in October may want to return to the ghost-hunting van and give the changes a spin.