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GTA 5’s ‘Lamar roasts Franklin’ meme goes IRL with original actors

Along with just about everyone over the past week

Slink Johnson (Lamar) and Shawn Fonteno (Franklin) reprise their roles for the GTA 5 scene where Lamar roasts Franklin’s dog-ass/yee-yee ass haircut.

Lamar-roasting-Franklin in Grand Theft Auto 5 is in danger of going from meme to cliché (both being French words) in the span of a month. But not before the scene’s original actors recreate it IRL, reminding Franklin once again his yee-yee ass haircut is why Tenisha prefers to date doctors and lawyers.

Obviously, this dialogue is NSFW, for profanity, sexual braggadocio, and some reappropriated ethnic slurs. That’s Shawn Fonteno (Grow House) as Franklin and Slink Johnson (Black Jesus) rolling right back into character.

The video (courtesy PlayStation Haven) gets the setting, details of the frame, and actors’ gestures virtuoso in addition to popping off the lines like it was yesterday. Fonteno and Johnson join B1 battle droids, some guy and his roommate, Minecraft characters, the Ace Attorney series, and, my personal favorite, a couple of Formula One drivers at Yas Marina Circuit, as reenactors in just the past week.

Kotaku (from whence this was spied) also pointed out clips starring Snow White (apparently with audio from Kinect game Disneyland Adventures) and Darth Vader, who’s one to talk about dog-ass looks.

Who’s left, anyone? Mom, Dad, you want in on this?

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