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World of Warcraft players can now pick up animal friends in Torghast

Time to go beast mode

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - A shot of Torghast in the Maw, which is a tall metal tower in an arid wasteland of smoke and dust. Image: Blizzard Entertainment

World of Warcraft players working their way through the latest expansion Shadowlands should be familiar with the ominous tower of Torghast by now. This roguelike-style dungeon tasks players with running through multiple floors and picking up powers along the way. A new event changes Torghast up, providing players with a big burly beast ally to help them clear their way through the Jailer’s tower.

When players zone into a Torghast wing, they’ll be offered four choices. Two of those will be their typical Torghast upgrades, but the other two will be marked with “Beasts of Prodigum.” These are special powers that give the player access to a beast. There are currently three allies: Valioc, who damages and silences nearby enemies, Nal’tari, who gives the player a ton of haste, and Horgul, who taunts and stuns enemies.

World of Warcraft - a player stands next to an undead bone beast in the halls of Torghast. Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Polygon

This means players can round out their party without having to team up with other people. Horgul, for instance, makes for a decent tank in a pinch, while Nal’tari is a support beast that makes the player much more of a threat.

For the rest of the Torghast run, the player will continue to get Beasts of Prodigum anima powers. This further shakes up the run, and means that the player has a pal. Even if the beast dies, they’ll come back after 20 seconds of channeling anima.

The Beasts of Prodigum event applies to the standard Torghast levels, which are currently useful for Soul Ash. Players can use Soul Ash to create their own legendaries. However, the Beasts will not appear in the new Twisting Corridors, which offers a powerful mount that can be used in the Maw when players complete its challenges.

Special Torghast events will rotate regularly, which should make the roguelike experience feel fresh. Future events include the Chorus of Dead Souls on Feb. 9, and Unbridled Darkness on March 9. For those who enjoy the Beasts of Prodigum, it’ll return on April 6.

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