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PUBG players get a Reputation Level, showing whether they’re jerks or good sports

All players start at Reputation Level 2 with the latest update

screen showing the 0-to-6 scale of PUBG’s Reputation System
PUBG’s new Reputation Level will be shown in the Team Finder. It increases naturally as players complete Ranked and Normal games without incident.
Image: PUBG Studio

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds now has a reputation system, ranking players on a six-point scale for how toxic (zero) or well behaved (five) they are.

“We know passions can run high on the Battlegrounds, but toxic behavior is never justified,” developer PUBG Studio wrote in a blog post accompanying console update 10.2. “Your Reputation Level will naturally increase as you play games, as long as you are not exhibiting toxic or otherwise disruptive behavior.”

It sounds as though user reports will form a large part of a player’s reputation player. Getting reported for verbal abuse, obstructing a game, or killing teammates will drop someone’s reputation level. So will a temporary ban for a terms-of-service violation — but, PUBG Studio promises, simply being reported for the suspected use of cheats will not affect reputation level.

Screen showing the six ranks in PUBG’s new Reputation Level system
All player start at Reputation Level 2.
Image: PUBG Studio

Leaving a match repeatedly and not returning “may lead to a decrease of reputation level,” too, the developer said. But the only surefire way to raise your rep is, well, play Normal/Ranked matches and don’t be an ass in them. All players will start out at Reputation Level 2, and that rating will be displayed in Team Finder, to give those searching for a group an idea of whether you’ll be fun to play with, or jerk.

Elsewhere, update 10.2 delivers a new vehicle — the Coupe RB, a speedy vintage roadster that is faster than everything except PUBG’s Motorbike. “The Coupe RB won’t carry your whole squad, but it will get you to where you need to go fast,” the studio said. It spawns on the Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok maps.

Update 10.2 will also update Ranked Mode to waive penalties for leaving a match, if a player is doing so because the plane took off with an incomplete team. The full details are in the blog post. The rank points cap has also increased to 44; it was 39.

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