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Fall Guys’ mid-season patch adds a new stage and penguin murder

Season 3.5 looks both chilly and silly

a scene from Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout season 3 Image: Mediatonic/Devolver Digital via The Game Awards/YouTube

Developer Mediatonic is rolling out another mid-season update to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, which will shake the game up and make things more interesting for long-time players. There will be a new level, as well as 40-plus variations for other levels, which add new obstacles or change a feature of the stage to ensure players can never autopilot their way through familiar paths.

This update, named by the community, is called “stop it with the yeets name it anything else just don’t include the word yeet please I’m begging you,” which suggests fans are no longer quite as enamored with features like Fall Guys’ random swinging hammer, Big Yeetus.

One of the new features in the patch is a little more ominous. Season 3 introduced pegwins, cute little penguin boys who march on automated flippers. The pegwins serve as match objectives on certain maps, but they will be available in extra levels where they are not necessary to win the game. This means that if a player is an absolute monster, they can drop the pegwins — named Bert, Bort, or Bart — off the side of the level in an act of cruelty not seen since Super Mario 64.

In addition, players will be able to unlock skins that were previously only available during limited-time windows. The Godzilla, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Untitled Goose Game costumes will be back.

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