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Apex Legends’ season 8 gameplay trailer shows off the new Legend and a destroyed Kings Canyon

The trailer is our best clue yet about what the new Legend can to

Respawn Entertainment has debuted a new 80s-action-movie style trailer for Apex Legends season 8 and Fuse is its biggest star. Along with a preview of the game’s newest Legend, the trailer also gives us a brief glimpse of the newly-destroyed version of the Kings Canyon map.

Since this trailer puts Fuse at the center, it’s also our best look so far at what he can do. It seems that Fuse has a wrist-mounted grenade launcher, which he can use to hurl explosives at enemies. He also appears to be able to drop a cluster of napalm onto the map, which sets the ground on fire for quite a while after its used. While those two are likely his Tactical ability and his Ultimate, Fuse’s Passive still remains a mystery.

The trailer also shows off the newly-updated version of Kings Canyon. The map seems to be in shambles after a ship crashed into it in an earlier season 8 trailer. While we don’t get many details on what kind of damage the crash caused, we do see a few locations that seem to have gained some new entrances thanks to the massive holes blasted in their walls.

Season 8’s other new additions come on the weapons front and we get a preview of them in the trailer as well. This season’s new weapon is the old-west style 30-30 Repeater rifle. The semi-automatic gun seems to pack quite a punch but it’s definitely got a slower rate-of-fire than most of the other weapons in the game.

Respawn Entertainment is also adding Golden Magazines with season 8, which appear to infinitely feed ammo directly from your bag to your weapon, without the need to reload.

All of these new additions to Apex Legends should go live as soon as the season starts on Feb. 2.

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