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Super Mario-themed Animal Crossing event coming in March

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Coming after the Festivale event

Isabelle with a red floral shirt sitting at her desk doing announcements Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will get a Super Mario-themed free update in March, Nintendo announced on Tuesday. It’s the next update coming after New Horizons’ Festivale event, which begins on Jan. 28.

Nintendo first hinted at a Super Mario-themed update in September during a surprise Nintendo direct. No details were given then, and no more were added on Tuesday morning — but Nintendo crossovers in Animal Crossing have long been a tradition in the games, so we can imagine what it’ll look like.

Text that reads: Next Free Update Scheduled for March, with a mario mushroom and a gold star Image: Nintendo via YouTube

Super Mario items have appeared in all games since the original Animal Crossing, right up into Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. These items have sometimes come around in March to celebrate MAR10 day — a made-up holiday featuring all things Mario on March 10. In Pocket Camp, for instance, players have been tasked with finding and crafting with Mario’s ubiquitous mushrooms. Mushrooms could be turned into a bunch of different Super Mario-themed items: shells, blocks, coins, pipes, and mustaches.

As for what we can expect to see in New Horizons, Nintendo’s not saying. But the color red is definitely on the menu.