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Games Workshop put a nun in a Gundam and revived Warhammer Quest

The new game is called Warhammer Quest: Cursed City

A Sister of Battle in a Paragon Warsuit from the Warhammer Community YouTube Channel. She’s backlit with blue, showing off the highlights on here black armor. Image: Games Workshop

Games Workshop had another big streaming presentation on Saturday, announcing a whole raft of new miniatures and two new games for 2021. The highlight of the presentation was a new model depicting a mechanized Sister of Battle, further cementing the Adepta Sororitas as a premiere fighting force in the 41st millennium.

The new model is called the Paragon Warsuit, and it stands easily twice as tall as a standard Sister of Battle on the table. It comes with a melee weapon and the option to mount one of three ranged weapons, including a flamer or a Melta weapon. It’s not yet clear how these new units will fight on the table, or even what size or cost a formation will be, but they’re easily one of the more ambitious and striking models released for Warhammer 40,000 in the last several years.

The announcement was accompanied by some nice stained glass animations as well.

The United Kingdom based company is also expanding the popular Kill Team line with a new boxed set. Titled Kill Team: Pariah Nexus, it aligns with the latest Warhammer 40,000 Indomitus boxed set released last year. It will feature Space Marines and Necrons fighting it out on what looks like a fairly two-dimensional board made to look like the interior of a Necron starship. It’s a far cry from the large, multi-level buildings that came packed with the original Kill Team boxed set in 2018.

Of note for slow painters, like myself, rules are coming soon for playing Kill Team with the models that were bundled in the Indomitus set. That means you’ll be able to put that team of Assault Intercessors to use even if you’ve not finished painting all the Bladeguard Veterans and Outriders quite yet.

In addition to multiple new new books, there’s also a pair of lavish new models for non 40K systems. They include a massive new Warmaster Titan for Adeptus Titanicus, the largest yet added to that game. Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is also getting a lithe and energetic Sevireth, Lord of the Seventh Wind. But the real surprise is that Games Workshop will also be releasing a brand new game in the Warhammer Quest series.

A warmaster titan painted in a loyalist pattern, black and red with gold accents. It carries two quad-barrelled plasma weapons. Image: Games Workshop
A feline archer rides a whirlwind as it draws back its bow. Clad in white armor, there’s a peacock display of arrows in a quiver on its back. Image: Games Workshop

Warhammer Quest has its roots in the 1990s, where it was spun out of the classic HeroQuest line and a partnership with Milton Bradley. It most recently emerged as Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, a hybrid of traditional board game and tactical wargame. That $150 boxed set was followed by multiple expansions, so expect the same treatment for this new property, which is titled Warhammer Quest: Cursed City.

There will likely be dozens of models in the boxed set, but only two were revealed: vampire hunter Jelsen Darrock (likely one of the hero characters) and a Gravekeeper named Gorslav.

A soldier with iron greaves and a tall leather hat. He holds a rifle and a hammer, his long brown duster billowing around his legs. Image: Games Workshop
An undead monster holding a hand scythe and a large, arrow-shaped spear. His eyes are covered by a helmet of bones. Image: Games Workshop

Finally, there’s a new boxed set of Dark Angels Space Marines and a new Codex Supplement: Dark Angels to go with them, plus a heavier version of the classic Land Speeder to boot. These models and more go up for pre-order on Jan. 30.

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