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Fallout 76’s new changes let players build more camps, change their skills

Build up both your skill and your CAMP

Fallout 76 beta - Grafton Image: Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda is giving players the ability to switch things up in Fallout 76. The newest set of changes for the game are coming to test servers, including SPECIAL loadouts, CAMP slots, and other bonuses that help long-time players keep things fresh. These changes will be available for Windows PC players to test on Feb. 5, and they are subject to change if technical or balance problems arise.

Switch it up

SPECIAL is a character’s stat array (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck) that determines whether they can make certain skill checks, pick dialogue options, or effectively use certain weapons. At level 25, characters can set up SPECIAL loadouts while they’re at their base. Players can build a Punch Card Machine at their base, or use them at train stations around the world, to set up two loadouts per character. Its possible players can unlock more loadouts in the future via the real-money store, the Atomic Shop.

Meanwhile, builders can make multiple bases now. The CAMP system currently allows players to make a base within a certain budget of materials and items. Now, players can make different CAMPs and switch them out, so players can change from a commercial store to a cozy home or military base quickly.

Vending machines will remain persistent across instances, but display cases can be set up to hold different items across a player’s various CAMPs. Vending and display functionality may not arrive on Feb. 5, as the developers are still implementing these changes, but it should be available for testing shortly after.

Gameplay fixes and tweaks

The Daily Ops system is also getting expanded. Daily Ops offer players quests around the world, with rewards delivered based on their speed and efficiency. There will be a new game mode, Decryption, where players hunt down code carriers and use their intel to disable radio interceptors. Vault 96 and the Watgoa Raider Arena will now host Daily Ops, and new enemies like Scorched and Mothman Cultists will be there to fight players, along with more mutations and hazards.

There are also a host of smaller quality-of-life improvements for both combat and crafting. The developers have further iterated on aim assist for players who use controllers, and this feature will be available for testing. Players can also batch-craft when they’re cooking or assembling, and the world activity menu will include more information like vending machines and nuke zones. Melee players will also notice that their attack animations have been cleaned up.

This weekend, Fallout 76 players can log in and get more legendary scrip when they trade in their unwanted gear. Players can earn 300 legendary scrip each day until Feb. 1, when the amount goes back to its standard number.

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