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Rocket League’s new game mode rolls out for the Super Bowl

Sports? In MY video game?

Rocket League - two rocket powered vehicles fight over a giant NFL branded football in the middle of a field Image: Psyonix

The Super Bowl is approaching, and Rocket League developer Psyonix has decided to bring its own version of the big game to the competitive car soccer game. On Feb. 2, Rocket League players can try out a brand new game mode called Gridiron. The event will run until Feb. 8, and includes event challenges and a NFL Fan Pack in the store.

Gridiron turns the soccer field into a football field. It’s a four-on-four match with an actual American football on the field instead of a boring ol’ soccer ball. Touching the football attaches it to the roof of your car, making that car the ball carrier. Anyone who touches the ball becomes the ball carrier, which means players can set up a cool pass to a team, or a bad boy can steal the football away from your car.

You can also pass the ball by dodging, but double jumping will drop the bar off the top of the car. It sounds like a good time for all you sportsheads out there. Rocket League went free-to-play back in the summer of 2020, and is available on consoles and the Epic Games Store. The full rule set, along with details on the event, is available on Psyonix’s website.

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