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Bonehilda, The Sims’ best skeleton, has fans going wild

Bones! Bones! Bones! Bones! Bones!

The Sims 4 - paranormal investigators gather around an altar, preparing to take part in a supernatural ritual. Image: Maxis/Electronic Arts

The Sims 4 may be a life simulation game, but it gets pretty weird. Sims can go to work as an accountant, get devoured by a Cowplant, date the Grim Reaper, and become a Star Wars character. One of the game’s weirder additions of late is Bonehilda, a longtime legacy character. The latest Stuff Pack is paranormal-themed, and players are attuning themselves to the afterlife so they can hang out with the best skeleton maid in all of gaming.

Bonehilda is both creepy (she’s a skeleton, and a constant reminder of the inevitable skeleton war) and extremely helpful. She fulfills the roles of a butler or a nanny, taking care of Sim children and cleaning up the house. She dates back to the original The Sims and its Makin’ Magic expansion pack from 2003. Since then, she’s shown up in The Sims 3 and now The Sims 4. (For some reason, she continues the tradition from previous games of not doing laundry, but that’s highly relatable.)

There are only two downsides to this household helper. One is that human maids are terrified of Bonehilda and tend to flee the property. It’s disappointing that there isn’t solidarity going on there, but it’s understandable. The other unfortunate thing is a carryover from past games: Bonehilda can’t hold any liquids she drinks, since she doesn’t have a stomach, so they just hit the floor. At least she’ll eventually clean it up, so that’s considerate.

It’s even possible to romance Bonehilda and WooHoo with her. Some players are rushing to summon Bonehilda via arcane, supernatural means and then wooing her as quickly as possible so they can replace their Sim’s boring, normal, living-person romance options with a skeleton maid. One ritual even allows you to take on Bonehilda’s form! The only thing better than one Bonehilda is two Boneshilda.

If fans take Bonehilda into The Sims 4, there’s a scary surprise awaiting them: a human version of Bonehilda, which is intriguing. Hilda — or Meathilda? — is a new thing for players to puzzle over and dress up, and an inspiration for fan content.

Ultimately, Bonehilda is a small addition to The Sims 4, especially compared to recent expansions with new neighborhoods, universities, and building features. But these small appearances from beloved characters, and long-running soap opera storylines sprinkled throughout the mundanity of everyday life, bring The Sims to life. Or, in this case, undeath.

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