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The final Nier: Automata secret has been found, over 3 years later

As Yoko Taro said, “(◎血◎)”

The final secret in Nier: Automata has been discovered, allowing you to skip straight to the final moments of the game.

The code is only able to be used after defeating the prologue boss, Marx. After talking to 9S, you’ll need to place 2B between two sets of barrels in the empty boss room. While holding down R2 on the controller, you’ll need to press up, down, up, right, left, square, circle, triangle, and cross — in that order. You’ll need to keep 2B between the two barrels, but you can pause the game and use the cheat code to help you do so.

After doing that, the game will skip to the post-credits scene, as well as unlock the chapter select feature and some debugging features. Unlocking these features normally require you to clear the multitude of Nier endings, so this is a good time saver if you want to just replay certain bits of the game. However, it’s not recommended if you haven’t played the game yet.

The code was found by modder Lance McDonald, who discovered the code while reverse engineering the game. While he usually focused on unlocking developer tools in the game, he found a string of code that was unfamiliar to him. Once deciphering it all, he found this last secret. McDonald has discovered other secrets in more games, like P.T.

Nier: Automata’s director, Yoko Taro, acknowledged on Twitter the finding of the final Nier secret, using a rather intense emote to show how he felt about how long the secret took to find.

One Twitter user also pointed out that this cheat code also appears in Bayonetta 2, another game by Platinum Games.

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