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The Fall Guys Doom costumes are real, and they’re coming Jan. 12

Suit your bean up as the Doom Slayer, a Cacodemon, or a Tyrant

After a month of teasing, the Doom Slayer and a few demonic pals will make their way from Doom Eternal to Fall Guys in the form of new costumes for everyone’s favorite bean people.

On Thursday, Devolver Digital launched a new trailer for Fall Guys that features Doom’s signature music and a Fall Guys-esque romp through a hellish environment. Toward the end of the trailer, the Doom Slayer appears — or rather, a bean dressed in a convincing Doom Slayer costume.

The Doom Slayer faces down some fellow beans dressed as famous Doom enemies: the Tyrant and the Cacodemon. But in typical Fall Guys fashion, the Doom Slayer steps on the Crown, trips, and falls into the two demons, sending all three off the edge for elimination.

Fall Guys players can buy these costumes for their beans starting Jan. 12. The costumes will only be available for a limited time, although publisher Devolver Digital didn’t announce when the costumes will leave the store or how much they will cost.

There is also no mention of a Doom-inspired Fall Guys arena based on the one we see in the trailer — although we’d be lying if we didn’t say it looked fun as hell.

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