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League of Legends: Wild Rift is coming to North America in March

The mobile version of League of Legends is coming to North America

Corki from League of Legends Wild Rift Image: Riot Games
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On Friday, Riot Games released a video detailing some of the things coming to the League of Legends universe in 2021. Among those announcements was a new update on League of Legends: Wild Riftthe new console and mobile version of the MOBA — including the fact that North American players will get their chance to test the game starting in March.

According to the announcement, Wild Rift will add an average of two new champions a month throughout 2021. The game will also get its own version of the PC version’s popular ARAM mode, which puts players on a random champion in a special one-lane map to battle it out. Wild Rift will also begin its first ranked season in 2021, and share many of the same special events that League of Legends proper will host, including the Lunar Beasts new year celebration.

Champions from League of Legends: Wild Rift run through the Howling Abyss map Image: Riot Games

Many regions around the world have already have the chance to check out Wild Rift, but it hasn’t made it to North America just yet. But, according to Riot, North America players will get their chance to check out the game during its open beta which should begin in March.

Once the beta goes live, players should be able to access the game from a variety of devices on both iOS and Android, though it’s not clear if the console versions will be available at that time or not.

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