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JoJo Siwa dances to Anything Goes as Pennywise the Clown, and it’s brilliant

Just one of the many horror tributes on Monday night’s Dancing With the Stars

Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

On Monday night’s Dancing With the Stars, singer JoJo Siwa donned a creepy clown costume to embody Its Pennywise. And if that wasn’t bold enough, she and dancer Jenna Johnson — dressed in a yellow raincoat like little Georgie Denbrough — danced to an eerie rendition of “Anything Goes” by District 78 ft. Patrice Covington, surrounded by smoke and red lighting. Not to spoil the experience, but let’s just say that things don’t end happily for Johnson.

Siwa and Johnson’s creepy jazz number was just one of many scary routines for Dancing With the Stars’ Halloween-themed night, which included some axe murderers, fake blood, and, of course, more horror movie tributes.

Siwa is a popular YouTube personality and children’s entertainer, who first appeared on TLC's Dance Moms. In January 2021, she came out as part of the LGBTQ+ community. The YouTube personality already made history as the first person on Dancing With the Stars to dance with a partner of the same gender.

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