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Netflix’s Pacific Rim anime readies for battle in March

Pacific Rim: The Black follows two siblings looking for their missing parents

The world of kaiju-fighting mechs in Pacific Rim is expanding into anime territory. Pacific Rim: The Black is Netflix’s upcoming animated series based on Guillermo Del Toro’s movies. The first movie, directed by Del Toro, premiered in 2013, with a sequel from Steven S. DeKnight following in 2018.

The show follows two siblings forced to pilot an abandoned Jaeger mech as they search for their missing parents. It was announced in 2018, with the title officially revealed in late 2020. Now, the first teaser for the show reveals the desolated world, where Kaiju have taken over Australia. There isn’t much else in the way of plot details, but we do see the two main siblings piloting up their Jaeger and initiating the drift sequence. Let’s go, power of human connection in the face of overwhelming monstrosities!

Marvel comics writer Craig Kyle and Marvel animation writer Greg Johnson serve as showrunners for Pacific Rim: The Black, with Polygon Pictures doing the animation.

Pacific Rim: The Black hits Netflix on March 4.

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