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TikTok users are celebrating Valentine’s Day through romantic Minecraft worlds

Does your crush even like you if they don’t build you a Minecraft world?

Ana Diaz (she/her) is a culture writer at Polygon, covering internet culture, fandom, and video games. Her work has previously appeared at NPR, Wired, and The Verge.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while sending flowers or chocolate might be a tried and true way to win hearts, others have turned to Minecraft to express their love.

The trend got big on TikTok in early January, and while the videos vary, the general gist is that people build elaborate Valentine’s Day worlds to profess their love. Often, though not always, the beau will sit on a mine cart that will take them though a roller coaster constructed specifically for them — all while songs like “Sparks” by Coldplay play in the background. At current, there are dozens of videos in this vein, some of which exceed a million views.

In one of the most popular videos, the girlfriend hops on a mine cart and takes a roller coaster ride past a giant “I <3 U.” At the end, she arrives at a platform floating in the sky. She looks down from it and in giant words, she can see, “TURN AROUND.” Her boyfriend then descends from the heavens and throws a book and a flower at her. The book turns out to be a love letter. “You are mine forever and always,” the letter reads. “I love you so much baby. Forever and always. WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE?”

Kashii.cos was one of many to use Minecraft just to ask her boyfriend to be her Valentine. “I couldn’t resist joining in on a wholesome trend,” she said, noting that she had seen a few videos of the phenomenon before joining in.

Many couples have a “thing” that they share — sometimes it’s a movie, sometimes it’s a restaurant. For Kashii.cos and her boyfriend, that special thing is Minecraft.

“Personally, it’s special to us because Minecraft actually brought us together,” Kashii.cos said. “We started playing Minecraft multiplayer and doing Minecraft dates and ended up on a in-person real date, and we’ve been together since then.”

Polygon spoke to another lucky girl who participated in the trend, SJcraftx. Her boyfriend made an especially enviable world for her, which she shared in a two-part series. In it, she takes a cart ride through a Minecraft world filled with giant Valentine’s-themed monuments, like a pink and red Nyan cat and a giant Toad head with hearts on it. At the end of the ride, she arrives at a red carpet-covered island where her boyfriend sets off a ton of fireworks. Then to top it all off, he gives her a flower. The video, which has some major “look at how much my partner loves me” energy, has been viewed over 2.7 million times on TikTok.

Commenters love seeing these grand declarations of love. One wrote, “I would marry him im not even joking,” while another joked that they “never knew Minecraft was a dating app.” Other comments tagged other users — presumably friends or their partner — asking for a world like SJcraftx’s.

SJcraftx loved the display as well, because it required her boyfriend to put in time to do the work, rather than simply spending money. This heartwarming gift is also one of the only ways the two can interact with one another right now.

“I moved, and I haven’t seen [my boyfriend] for about six months because of the pandemic,” she said. “Minecraft is a game where we can have fun together and make things.”

So if you’re still looking for a novel way to show your affection this February, perhaps booting up Minecraft is a good idea.

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