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Breath of the Wild fan beats all dungeons with his feet

Take that, Ganon

Fresh off the heels of clearing what is possibly the most demanding 100% speedrun for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, player Joedun has already finished a challenge that is at least “ten times” worse. The intrepid speedrunner has officially gotten through all the game’s major dungeons, including defeating Ganon, using only his feet.

“When 100% was a test of skill and endurance, the feet run was a giant test of patience,” Joedun said over email. “I would take the test of skill any day honestly. Not to say you don’t need skill to beat [BOTW] with your feet, but damn did it make me a little bit upset at times.”

The playthrough, which clocks in at 8:18:33, was a first for Joedun — he’s never played a game using only his soles and toes. Part of what makes the endeavor so difficult is that many of the standard speedrunning tricks that make things possible are off the table when you don’t have the dexterity of your hands at your disposal. You “can’t do most of them without claw grip on hands,” he said. Still, he managed to pull off a few techniques, including whistle sprints, moon jumping, and shield clipping into areas. But since merely doing them at all was a feat in of itself, they couldn’t always save him from dying mid-run.

By Joedun’s estimation, the Vah Naboris Divine Beast was the hardest part of the speedrun. But, despite these hurdles, he’s already looking at other novel and unusual ways to clear the game — including a hilarious effort to see how quickly Link can “mount” Sidon.

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