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Wario just stunted on everyone in Mario Golf

We have to give props

Mario, Wario, Yoshi, and Mia in Mario Golf: Super Rush Image: Nintendo

There’s plenty to be excited about in Mario Golf: Super Rush — did Nintendo really just turn golf into a battle royale game? — but none of it is nearly as important as the drip featured in the reveal trailer. I mean, just look at my man Wario here.

The hat. The shirt. Those checkered pants. The entire fit screams confidence, to the degree that it does not matter what score Wario gets by the end of the game. He’s already won. He knows it, too. Just look at the way Wario carries himself when traipsing around the golf course. While everyone else scurries around like headless chickens, Wario moves with poise and purpose.

It’s especially notable because the rest of the cast is dressed up, too. Mario’s crisp white pants deserve consideration, and loath as I am to praise a creature that has no reason to exist, Daisy’s skirt and polo combo is an understated yet sophisticated get-up. The competition is fierce.

But Wario’s just entirely in his own bright yellow lane. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call an icon.

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