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Dead by Daylight’s new update remasters many of the game’s maps

Scarier maps, more realistic killers

Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Dead by Daylight is getting ready for the newest generation of consoles, and developer Behaviour Interactive is reworking a significant amount of the game with its “Realm Beyond” update. The update brings with it big visual changes to 21 maps, 12 objects that populate the maps (like totems), and a host of smaller changes to character animations and visual effects.

According to Mathieu Côté, game director for Dead by Daylight, Realm Beyond is a landmark. Behaviour is “halfway done with the graphical update process,” and the entire project will last until the middle of 2021, Côté said, although he was unable to pinpoint a specific release window. The new maps will continue to receive tweaks and changes as players play through matches and give feedback to Behaviour. The developer has already adjusted the lighting to keep things from getting too dark, and are ready to change the levels further for balance changes or bug fixes.

The maps also have little details now that matches up with the game’s increasingly complex lore, so fans who are into the story behind all the mayhem and murder can keep an eye out for Easter eggs and hints.

Killers like the Clown and the Nurse have already been visually updated, and those changes will continue. “We’re prioritizing the oldest models for the visual rework. Some of them were done in a completely different style of texture — we call it painterly, so they were more of a cartoony quality than realistic,” says Côté. “We’re making sure that you can recognize the silhouette and what makes the character stand out.”

The Realm Beyond focuses on the most important parts of a killer’s appearance, like their model and visual effects. The Clown’s gas, for instant, is now more visible and clear. However, there are no current plans to update their unique Memento Mori animations.

Finally, Dead by Daylight players will be able to adjust the colorblind settings with the Realm Beyond update. There will be settings for players that adjust to consider deuteranope (inability to perceive green light), protanope (inability to perceive red light), and tritanope (inability to perceive blue light). This is helpful with the game’s UI and the “scratch marks” that survivors leave behind when fleeing a killer, and it should make the game much more accessible.

UPDATE: This article has been updated with the correct release window for The Realm Beyond.