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Crusader Kings 2’s huge DLC library is now available for $5 a month

13 expansions, the Ruler Designer, and more

Crusader Kings 2 - a shot of a map, where a player controls territories and can examine their holdings. Image: Paradox Interactive
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Paradox Interactive, the studio behind the Crusader Kings franchise, has begun offering a subscription service for Crusader Kings 2. The subscription will cost $4.99 a month, the developer announced Thursday.

Crusader Kings 2 is free, which allows someone to figure out, first, if they enjoy the game before buying extra DLC. If they find they do like it and want more, the subscription grants access to the following features, per Paradox:

1. 13 major expansions, including the fierce Norse of The Old Gods, the eastern riches of Rajas of India, and the scheming vassals of Conclave

2. 12 unit packs, including new army sprites for your medieval forces

3. 14 music packs, including two heavy metal scores

4. 10 portrait packs of clothing and faces for rulers around the world

5. The Game Converter, which lets you export your saved game to Europa Universalis IV

6. The Crusader Kings II Ruler Designer, so you can create your own starting monarch

7. and many more improvements to the core game experience

While the studio’s efforts are still on Crusader Kings 3, Crusader Kings 2 has a massive backlog of expansion packs and updates that make it a much beefier game than its sequel. Much like The Sims, Crusader Kings is a franchise where it’s worth returning to earlier iterations in order to enjoy the expansive library of DLC.

This subscription pass certainly makes it easier, especially if you’re taking a break from Crusader Kings 3 between updates.

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