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Bungie’s new roadmap for Destiny 2 previews the next few months of content

Here’s the calendar for Destiny 2’s upcoming season

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Osiris and Zavala meet Caiatl and the Cabal Image: Bungie
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Destiny 2’s latest season will see Guardians go head to head with the Cabal once again, according to a Bungie announcement on Tuesday morning. The studio put out more details on its website about Season of the Chosen, including a roadmap showcasing when players can expect new content to appear in-game.

On Feb. 9, Bungie will launch Season of the Chosen. Players can immediately start two of the new seasonal Battlegrounds events and jump into the returning Devil’s Lair and Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Strikes. Players can also start a quest for a new Stasis Aspect on opening day, which should allow Guardians to further customize their newest subclass.

Feb. 12 will mark the first day of a new Trials season. As Bungie teased last week, Trials of Osiris comes with a new set of armor and weapons for season 13. It’s currently unclear if players can re-earn the existing Trials of Osiris loot, or if it’s all gone from the loot pool.

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen calendar roadmap
Beyond Light’s freshman season looks a little more content rich than some of 2020’s seasons
Image: Bungie

On Feb. 16, a new Battleground will open in the Cosmodrome. Feb. 23 marks the return of Iron Banner and sees the release of the final Battleground — which looks like it could be on Mercury, a Destiny 2 planet that’s no longer in the game.

The calendar then suggests nothing will happen between Feb. 23 and the middle of March. On March 23, season pass holders can try out the new Proving Grounds Strike a week early. Season of the Chosen’s second week of Iron Banner also starts on March 23. All players will gain access to Proving Grounds on March 30, where the new Strike will also appear as the Nightfall for the first time.

Iron Banner returns again on April 13. And the much-maligned Guardian Games holiday event returns on April 20. Last year, the Titans smoked the competition due to some bizarre weighting issues. We’ll see if Hunters and Warlocks get a fair fight this time around.

Notably, this list is missing the “Redacted” Exotic quest mentioned on the Season of the Chosen website. This new weapon looks like a new Stasis weapon built by Tex Mechanica — the weapon manufacturer behind The Last Word and The Chaperone. It’s unclear when players can get their hands on this new weapon, but past seasons suggest the quest may appear somewhere during the slow period between February and March.

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