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Rainbow Six Siege gets its first gay operator, Flores

Meet Flores, a master thief with a nice husband

Ubisoft has continued to update Rainbow Six Siege since the game’s launch in 2015, and one of the game’s biggest features is the new operators. The first new character of Rainbow Six’s Year 6 is already making a splash. Flores is an offensive operator with a series of four explosive drones on wheels. He’s also the game’s first gay character.

Rainbow Six Siege operators have historically hailed from a specific organization that deals with national defense or counter-terrorism. Ash trained with the Israeli Defense Forces and SWAT, Finka worked with Russia’s Spetsnaz, and so on. Flores, on the other hand, is a master thief who hails from Argentina. An in-game report from one of his teammates also reveals that he’s a devoted husband.

In general, I’d say he’s a good mate. A bit awkward, but he listens when others speak, which is more than I can say for a lot of people. Every night he calls home to talk to his husband, but he’s very private about their relationship (with me at least). He cares about people in general, but his marriage is on another level. Even when he takes off his ring, it never leaves his person.

Flores looks pretty neat compared to the other characters when it comes to visual design, as well. While a lot of the cast are wearing heavy tactical gear or buttoned-up styles, Flores sports a pair of stylish red shades and a flat cap.

Flores will become available for everyone to play with Operation Crimson Heist, which is set to release on March 16. A few members of Rainbow Six recently appeared in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint as well.

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