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Rainbow Six Siege has already been testing a reputation system for season 6

Rewards positive players with in-game content, limits ranked play for toxic ones

Artwork of Flores from Rainbow Six Siege Image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege will embark on its sixth year with four new operators and several map reworks, but the big launch is a reputation system that rewards positive gameplay behavior with in-game content, which Ubisoft Montreal has been shadow testing over the past few months.

The Reputation System already has been running in the background, according to a news release, and it’s been doling out in-game rewards to good teammates while limiting access to the ranked playlist for toxic ones. It’s also been working in other, unspecified ways to curb toxicity and encourage teamwork; Ubisoft said all this will become transparent when the tool launches at some point in the next year.

The system, and everything else, was discussed in a nearly hour-long livestream on Sunday, all of which is below.

The first season starts with Operation Rainbow Heist, starting March 18. Flores, from Argentina, is the first new operator, with subsequent operators for seasons 2 through 4 coming from western Canada’s Nakoda Nations, Croatia, and Ireland. Season 1 will see a rework of the map Border, with season 2 reconfiguring Favela, season 3 getting three map reworks, and finally Outback getting a polish with season 4.

Core gameplay changes will include the always ongoing operator and weapons balancing (developers have a much more technical discussion of that) as well as some new features and capabilities. Such as:

  • Armor will be called Health, “for players to have a better understanding on how much damage they can take.”
  • Players will be able to control cameras and gadgets after their death. “This change has been made to intensify the support phase in a game,” Ubisoft said in Sunday’s statement, “and make sure players that are out can better help their team.”
  • The Attacker team will be able to change operators and their loadouts as many times as they want in the preparation phase, “making scouting even more tactical and offering many new tactical possibilities,” Ubisoft said.

These features will all arrive at an unspecified point in the coming year.

Also, Ubisoft and Capcom are teaming up to deliver two Resident Evil skins to the game. The first, coming March 2, gives Zofia an elite-level Jill Valentine look. The second is unspecified but might be coming closer to Resident Evil Village’s launch in May.

Also on March 2, Echo and Dokkaebi will get elite skins designed by Ikumi Nakamura, formerly the creative director for Bethesda Softworks’ Ghostwire: Tokyo (and famous for her E3 2019 appearance).

Rainbow Six Siege first launched in December 2015. Ubisoft said the game now has a player base of more than 70 million.

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