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The next PUBG mobile game is futuristic

PUBG is taking battle royale to the future

A player in PUBG: New State aims an assault rifle Image: PUBG Studio/Krafton

A new PUBG battle royale is heading to mobile platforms. PUBG: New State is a new PUBG game developed by PUBG Studios. The developer announced the new game with a short trailer on Thursday morning.

The trailer includes some of the things PUBG players might be used to like furious gun fights, vehicular chases, and a bit of silliness mixed in along the way. One thing the trailer makes clear right away is that this is definitely not the same setting PUBG Mobile players are used to right now. While the environment’s still a little grimy there’s shiny new technology everywhere and everything looks to be a little more futuristic than the current game.

PUBG: New State is set in the near future of 2051 and that means plenty of changes have happened in the world since the original PUBG Mobile. Players will jump into a huge new map called TROI, that will include new vehicles, weapons, and equipment, as well as plenty of areas to explore.

Outside of the setting, PUBG: New State also introduces a few new features to the PUBG Mobile series including combat rolls, drones, a shield, and new ways to customize your weapons with things like fire-mode selectors or grenade launchers.

PUBG: New State will only be heading to mobile devices including Android and iOS tablets and phones, and is set to launch sometime in 2021.

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