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Potato Heads lose the ‘Mr.’ in gender-neutral relaunch

New branding for Potato Heads gets more inclusive

A possible configuration of the Potato Head family, with a father and a baby. Image: Hasbro

Mr. Potato Head has been a classic children’s toy for nearly 70 years, but the brand is undergoing a modern gender-neutral relaunch.

Mr. Potato Head is now simply Potato Head, and toymaker Hasbro is releasing a product this fall called Create Your Potato Head Family. The new toy offers a bunch of different accessories and faces to allow folks to create whatever combination of potato heads they like.

Images provided by Hasbro show a variety of possible setups using the Create Your Potato Head Family set, one with two potato head moms hanging out with their cheerful potato child and another with a pair of potato head dads.

Create Your Own Potato Family , with two moms watching over a happy potato baby Image: Hasbro
two potato dads with a potato child Image: Hasbro

Each kit comes with enough materials — two large bodies, one small body, and 42 accessories to mix and match — to create two big potatoes and a child for them to watch over, but kids can combine whatever accessories they like to create a diverse crop of potential parents. The new line will release in fall of 2021, and will cost $19.99.

The move toward a new age of potato possibilities has already raised some ire from conservative commentators on social media — as well as people who are otherwise unimpressed with the change.

It looks like classic Potato Head sets — of the Mr. and Mrs. variety — are still part of Hasbro’s product line, just with the new Potato Head branding.

Artwork of the new Potato Head box, featuring Mrs. Potato Head. Image: Hasbro
Artwork of the new Potato Head box, featuring Mr. Potato Head. Image: Hasbro

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