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Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis will bring the entire FF7 story to your phone

You’ll finally be able to catch up on all those spinoffs

In a second surprise announcement following Sony’s State of Play livestream, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, a mobile game that will retell the entire Compilation of Final Fantasy 7 in a new, friendly-looking art style.

Ever Crisis will also feature new story elements, Square Enix said, written by Final Fantasy 7 Remake story and scenario writer Kazushige Nojima, surrounding the origins of Soldier.

Square Enix says Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis will be “chapter-structured,” which could mean an episodic release schedule that doles out the entire story in chunks. This would make a lot of sense — Final Fantasy 7 is a very long story, and that’s before you get into the stuff that happens in Dirge of Cerberus, Before Crisis, or any of the other titles under the Compilation of Final Fantasy 7 banner — the name given to all the Final Fantasy 7 spinoffs released in the mid-to-late 2000s.

Considering that you can’t easily play many of those games now, Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis seems even more appealing, as it will be the only easily accessible way to experience the complete Final Fantasy 7 story once all of its chapters are released. No word on what that schedule will look like, but there’s plenty of time for more info: Ever Crisis isn’t scheduled to launch on iOS and Android until 2022.

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