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The Pacific Rim anime full trailer reveals lots of Jaeger and kaiju action

Two siblings find an abandoned Jaeger pilot in a desolate Australia

Pacific Rim: The Black — Netflix’s Pacific Rim anime — gets a full plot trailer, which expands upon the world of the movie franchise and gives us a sense of the show’s main conflict.

The show’s first teaser didn’t reveal much, except for the two siblings piloting an abandoned Jaeger mech. But in the full trailer, we get a better sense of just what happened to force them into this situation.

According to Netflix’s plot synopsis, it’s been years since Jaeger mechs regularly battled kaiju. In that time, the entire continent of Australia became overrun by kaiju and had to be completely evacuated. The two siblings, Taylor and Haley, have been waiting for their parents for years in the desolate Australian wasteland, before finally taking matters into their own hands. They find the old Jaeger and boot it up, in hopes of finding their way off the continent and reuniting with their parents.

Pacific Rim: The Black drops on Netflix on March 4.

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