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New Humble Bundle features digital versions of some excellent board games

Ticket To Ride, of course, but also Pandemic and Terraforming Mars

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Digital board games are rising in popularity in no small part due to social distancing requirements. On Friday, the Humble Store announced that it partnered with Asmodee Digital to create a massive new bundle of digital board games that includes Pandemic, Small World, and Terraforming Mars.

You can get Humble’s Tabletop 2gether bundle for as little as $1, which gets you Pandemic: The Board Game, Pandemic: Virulent Strain, Love Letter, Small World, and Small World - Grands Dames. The included codes unlock the games on Steam; all are compatible with Windows PC and most are playable on Mac. A portion of the proceeds will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Asmodee Digital is an old hand at digital board games. The company kicked things into high gear around 2017, but they’ve been creating games like this for the better part of the last decade. One of their first digital titles, Ticket To Ride, even includes cross-play between mobile, consoles, and PC. Pay more than the average price ($9.43 at the time of publication) and you’ll also get Ticket To Ride: Legendary Asia and Ticket To Ride: France. That price point also includes Splendor plus two expansions.

If you pay $10 or more you’ll also get access to Terraforming Mars, an award-winning strategy game for up to five players.

The ongoing global pandemic is impacting the way people consume board games, and also how people make them. Check out our end-of-year roundup for more on how COVID-19 will change the tabletop industry forever.

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