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GTA’s most daring stunt driver just dunked on Nessie

Grand Theft Auto isn’t all cars and crimes

Grand Theft Auto Online - the tropical Cayo Perico island, with a guard standing in a tower so he can watch for potential criminals. Image: Rockstar Games

Rockstar’s worlds are always stuffed full of Easter eggs and winks at the player, and Grand Theft Auto Online is no exception. The Cayo Perico Heist contained a little nod to Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, and the beast itself exists in the game. For most people, this would just be a fun little environmental feature. For a rare few players, a new addition like this is just an opportunity to pull off an unprecedented stunt.

Cayo Perico is a new piece of content for players to explore and then rob. The island is owned by El Rubio, a billionaire drug lord, and players can only enter with certain equipment and gear. Grand Theft Auto player Darkj, a member of the stunt team Evolve Stunting, saw Cayo Perico as a great playground for stunts. Evolve Stunting has over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube. The team is dedicated to landing awesome or ridiculous video game stunts in Grand Theft Auto 5 and other games.

Evolve Stunting uses mod menus in order to set up its most impressive stunts, which can be a contentious issue among GTA Online fans. However, Evolve Stunting only mods when it allows for the best and most authentic stunt possible. The untouched, unmodded game doesn’t allow players to fall off their bikes in custom races in order to keep matches moving and players on track. But stunt drivers live for the risk, even if it’s online.

Darkj, the driver in this clip, shared the final stunt, which involves racing down a runway, launching into the air, and then landing on the Loch Ness Monster. Darkj told Polygon how he pulled it off in a conversation over Reddit. First, he modded himself into Cayo Perico, just so he could have access to his trusty bike. Otherwise, the stunt is all done with the game’s standard physics.

While the clip only lasts 30 seconds or so, the stunt took hours of work to pull off. Darkj studied other GTA Online content, with one video showing a content creator climbing on Nessie while explaining the Easter egg — something impossible in normal play. “He must have spawned the monster himself, because the monster didn’t disappear,” said Darkj. “I thought to myself, if he can stand on it, I can land on it.”

Darkj went to the lab with a friend, NightmareCanFly, and found the filename of the Loch Ness creature and how to spawn her. Another member of the stunt team, Shadow, tested how to land on the beast. “He figured out that you can, in fact, land on top of it by noclipping above the monster’s head and disabling the noclip so he drops a few centimeters on the head of the monster,” said Darkj.

Evolve Stunting has used this process to map and conquer all of Cayo Perico, working together to launch ridiculous trick shots across the entire island.

Nessie was the crown jewel of Cayo Perico, and once Darkj knew the stunt was possible, he did more research to figure out where the Loch Ness Monster spawns. “I didn’t want to place it just anywhere,” he said. “I wanted to spawn it at a spot where it actually spawns on the game.”

The runway was the perfect arena for the stunt. There’s time to build speed, a rock that works as a perfect ramp, and Nessie spawns just in reach. From there, it took trial and error for Evolve Stunting to land the perfect shot by launching off the Cayo Perico runway and onto Nessie. Shadow and Darkj were about to achieve it; it took “about a week overall to land on the monster.”

Clips like these are fascinating, because they prove how dense and complex Rockstar’s maps can be. Evolve Stunting spent six years finding new tricks to do in San Andreas, and then Cayo Perico opened the map up even further. While I run heists and get rich, other players use the same game to pull off true feats of skill.

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