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Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen comes with an Exotic bow, new Exotic armor

Has Bungie finally made Thundercrash good?

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen’s new Ticuu’s Divination Exotic bow Image: Bungie

Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen is finally here, and Guardians can adventure through the world of Destiny to pick up some powerful new gear pieces. In addition to some Legendary weapons and armor, Season of the Chosen adds at least five new Exotics — although one is still hidden.

Here’s a look at the four Exotics already in Season of the Chosen, and everything we know about the fifth.

Ticuu’s Divination

Ticuu’s Divination is the new Season Pass weapon in Season of the Chosen.

Its primary Exotic perk is Sacred Flame. When Guardians fire arrows from the hip, they become tracking missiles that lodge themselves in enemies. If an enemy dies with these Sacred Flame arrows lodged in them, they explode, igniting other Sacred Flame arrows nearby.

Players can also manually detonate the arrows with the Causality Arrows perk. When aiming down sights, players can detonate any arrows they hit, setting off a chain reaction. If players perfectly time the draw on their arrows, the Sacred Flame detonation is even more powerful.

Cuirass of the Falling Star

Cuirass of the Falling Star Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen description Image: Bungie

Cuirass of the Falling Star for Titans is the long-awaited Thundercrash Exotic. Its primary perk, Glorious Charge, “greatly increases” the impact damage of Thundercrash. Players will also gain an overshield, and they can increase its duration by traveling farther with their Thundercrash.

We won’t know just how good this is until we can get our hands on it, but it sounds like it may be the Celestial Nighthawk but for the Titan’s Code of the Missile.


Omnioculus Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen description Image: Bungie

Omnioculus for Hunters looks to be a powerful tool for difficult content, like Grandmaster Nightfalls. Its perk, Beyond the Veil, gives Void Hunters a second Smoke Bomb charge and reduces damage taken while invisible. This damage resistance also extends to allies when making them invisible. Hunters also refund some melee energy when turning allies invisible.

Mantle of Battle Harmony

Mantle of Battle Harmony description Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Image: Bungie

This Warlock Exotic also seems like a powerful tool for Grandmaster Nightfalls. Its perk, Absorption Cells, causes kills with weapons that have a matching element to your subclass to grant bonus Super energy. If your Super is full, these kills give you bonus damage for the given element instead.

This is potentially a powerful tool for Solar Warlocks in difficult content like raids and Nightfalls — as Well of Radiance Warlocks tend to hold onto their Supers until they’re needed.

Tex Mechanica Exotic quest

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Exotic quest derelict ship
Bungie associates this ship with an upcoming Exotic quest
Image: Bungie

On the Season of the Chosen website, Bungie teased players with a “redacted” Exotic quest entry under the gear section. The quest also doesn’t appear on Season of the Chosen’s roadmap.

The quest icon shows what looks like the Tex Mechanica logo — the weapon manufacturer behind The Chaperone, Last Word, and Huckleberry. It also looks like there is Stasis around the logo.

We don’t know what this weapon is or when it will show up. But with Bungie not even giving us a name, there’s reason to believe it’s a gun we’ve heard of before. That and the Tex Mechanica connection leaves some to speculate it’s The First Curse, a powerful PvP hand cannon from the original Destiny. Although a Destiny data miner’s info suggests it’s a new weapon entirely.

Players will need to wait and see what this weapon is, but the Bungie’s press images do associate a derelict ship in space with the upcoming Exotic quest.

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